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Image - Compression Springs - Barrel Spring Convex
Barrel Spring Convex is a type of compressed spring that is coiled helically to form a convex shape. It gets its name from the fact that the diameters of the coil are smaller than that of the middle of the coil. Barrel Springs are strong enough to withstand from breakage in case of extreme pressure. St Marys Spring Company is a pioneer in the compression spring industry and is well known for its high quality offerings.
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St Marys Spring Company
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Barrel Spring act in a way similar to that of a typical buckling aka bowing. When a compression spring is stretched four times as its width then the spring gets compressed. In normal a spring is compressed by placing the spring over a shaft or in a hole thereby producing the shape of the barrel spring which will be wider in the center than on the ends. So it enables pressure to be distributed evenly and aids for its stability.


Our barrel spring products can be used in wide variety of fields such as automotive, aerospace, agriculture, turbine, and marine industries. A few of its key uses are as follows:

  • For de-icing controls.
  • As a part in aircraft brakes and wheels.
  • In building Marine propulsion systems.
  • As controller for nozzles of fuel engines.

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