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Image - Compression Spring - Conical Compression Spring
Conical Compression are made in cone shaped or tapered springs used to bear a load or supply a force. They regular used when there is not enough room for a direct compression spring.
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St Marys Spring Company
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Product Description

Conical Compression Spring will be the same as cylindrical compression spring where axial space is limited.They allow the spring to chosen the coils to fold into each other when the spring is completely compressed.

St. marys spring company is one among the leading manufacturer of conical spring are used in the automotive industry and the conical spring are mainly used in the following ways like, vibration reduction, suspension, tight tolerances they improved solid height is achieved by nesting active springs within each other during compression. A common application for a conical spring is used in electrical contacts, such as battery contacts and push buttons.                                                                        


  • It can be used in the empty space Length, and we can find out the maximum and minimum of the torque .
  • It can be used to controlling diameter, whenever outside diameter will be maximum. But inside diameter that will be shows minimum number of coils pitch diameter works inside (Dia. Hole) works over (Dia. Shaft).

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