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Image - Power Springs  or Clock Springs - Power Spring
Power Spring it is the simplest form of flat strip of spring material and they are commonly referred to coil spring, hair spring, and clock springs. Power spring are centrally wound, and are designed to provide a significant amount of torque for applications with confined spaces.
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St Marys Spring Company
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Product Description

Power or clock springs are the ancient form of flat spring and they are most common type which is use in nowadays. St mary spring has a much of experience in the design and manufacture of power spring the performance of the spring is defined by the dimensions of the spring material  like thickness (t), width (b), & length (l) and for the space which is aviable and there two type of power springs stressed and conventional. This type of spring is produced by tightly winding tempered spring can be material on an arbor and attaching the free end to a metal or plastic case.

They are having high-torque delivery per unit of deflection and it will reduce the relatively low cost normal residual stresses wide assortment of materials can be used industries that use power springs includes cord retractors.
  1. Counterbalances.
  2. Wind-up toys and games.
  3. Medical devices.
  4. Industrial tools.
  5. Automotive.
  6. Timers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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