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Image - Compression Spring - Preset Compression Spring
Preset Compression spring that will need to work at a stress level exceeding the elastic limit of the material can be know as "preset" by compressing the spring to a solid height removes any permanent deformation due to exceeding the elastic limit and builds beneficial stresses near the wire surface.
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St Marys Spring Company
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Preset of Compression Spring consists of compressing the spring to a point at which plastic deformation occurs the minimum operating height should be compressed by the springs.This compression places the wire in torsion sufficient to induce plastic deformation in the outer fibers.


  • In the wound spring Pitch Distance from center to center of wire in adjacent coils in an open.
  • Adjustable, direct-acting relief valve blocks flow through the preset comperssion spring in the valve until force of system pressure on the proper overcomes the  adjustable spring force and downstream pressure.

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