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Image - Compression Springs - Wave Spring
Wave Springs are manufactured by a special process called “On-edge coiling” by which they are made up of pre-hardened flat wire. Hence springs of wave shape are rightly named as scrowave spring or coiled wave spring as they produce a spring effect with the help of its wave like coiled structures. St Marys Spring Company are specialists in manufacturing springs of wave type and what more you can ask for if we say that they will even customize spring shape and dimension as per your requirement.
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St Marys Spring Company
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General Information

Wave Springs produced by St Marys Spring Company offers the following advantages compared to others as follows:

  •  Saving space in radial direction in comparison with disc springs.
  •  Only one spring must be handled unlike the wave washers and stacked disc springs.
  • Provides low load tolerance at specified work heights.

Product Description

The primary function of wave springs is to act as load bearing devices. They are significantly smaller in size and hence aid for greater space reduction. They help to adjust variations in dimensions within assemblies. They are particularly useful in reducing cavity in the spring by cutting the spring’s operating height.


The following are the various categories of wave springs currently available in the market:

  • Wave Springs with Shim Ends
  • Single Turn Wave Springs
  • Nested Wave Springs


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